Affinity Resistance Up

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Affinity Resistance Up is a Buff.png Buff which increases a character's defence against a weaker affinity class. Example, a buffed Energy badge.png Energy character would be less exposed to damage from Physical badge.png Physical. In other words, an attack that would trigger the Less Damage message would cause even less damage.

Abilities that apply Affinity Resistance Up[edit]

Ally Ability
Supergirl Last Daughter of Krypton Portrait.jpg Supergirl Energy badge.png
Last Daughter of Krypton
Supergirl Last Daughter of Krypton P2 Strength of Hope.png Strength of Hope (rank: 1)
Apply 2 Affinity Resistance Ups [2 turns] to all allies: Debuff affinity resistence up.png Affinity Resistance UpDeath Immunity.png Death ImmunitySpeed Up.png Turn Meter Up

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