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Alliance Shop offers

The Alliance Shop refers to the group of offers that are bought with Alliance Essence.png Alliance Essence. The Alliance Shop can be accessed though Shop > Social tab or from the Alliance Missions > Alliance Shop.

Alliance Offers[edit]

The Alliance Shop offers two types of deals: Limited Time Offers and the Alliance Character Pack

Limited Time Offers[edit]

Alliance Refresh Popup

Limited time offers refresh every 4 hours. It's possible to refresh them sooner at the cost of 100 Essence Gems. These offers include:

Alliance Character Pack[edit]

Alliance Character Pack

The Alliance Character Pack costs 9000 Alliance Essence.png Alliance Essence and offers 20 Hero Fragments from a group of 12 possible characters. The pack includes a mix of exclusive, premium, rare and common characters.

Note the pack doesn't drop 20 shards of one hero but 20 shards of a mix of heroes. For example, one pack may drop: 7 Black Adam, 3 WW CotA, 3 Dr Fate, 1 Superman, 1 Flash, 3 JS , 1 HQ MJ, 1 Medphyll [1].

Alliance Character Pack Drops

Offers Hero Fragments Breakdown[edit]

Pack Hero Fragments Alliance Essence.png Alliance Essence Alliance Essence / Shard
Alliance Character Pack 20 9000 450
5 shards pack 5 2600 520
3 shards pack 3 1700 567

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