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 Batman Caped Crusader Portrait.png Batman
  • Bugs & Updates

Known Bugs[edit]

  1. Passive ability doesn't trigger very often for some players, so there is a possibility that it's not working as intended [1]

Update Notes[edit]

December 21, 2016[edit]

  • Batman will now have a greater chance to use his "Smoke Bomb" when autoplaying [2]

November 30, 2016[edit]

  • “Shadow Trained” is fixed so that Batman will actually have a chance to go invisible when he deals damage [3]
  • "Vigilante Strike" ability reduces the enemy target's Turn Meter by 40%

November 16, 2016[edit]

  • Batman's "Smoke bomb" ability now applies the correct amount of 'Evasion Up' buffs [4]
  • Batman's "Vigilante Strike" now correctly applies a 40% turn meter reduction on enemy targets

November 9, 2016[edit]

  • "Vigilante Strike" now works as intended [5]

Original Hero[edit]

  • This character has no Release Update Note.

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