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 Black Canary Dinah Laurel Lance Portrait.png Black Canary
  • Bugs & Updates

Known Bugs[edit]

Black Canary's legendary upgrade of silence to haymaker is bugged. The silence logo appears but has no effect. Opponents "silenced" can use all special powers.

Update Notes[edit]

03/29/18: Black Canary: Dinah Laurel Lance rework (details below).

Rework Hero (03/29/18)[edit]

Black Canary was one of the March 2018 reworked heroes with Batgirl: #BatgirlOfBurnside, added to the game on 03/29/18

Here is the official announcement:

"As the daughter of a costumed adventurer, Dinah Lance was born to fight crime. Raised among super-heroes, she trained as a world-class fighter and martial artist despite her mother's objections. Gifted with the meta-human power to emit sonic blasts, Dinah can smash concrete with both her fists and her voice. Anyone who underestimates the blonde in fishnets will likely find her 'Canary Cry' the last thing they hear.

Utilizing a combination of powerful blows and dodging hits, Black Canary helps keep her team safe from incoming attacks, while also putting the hurt on opponents.

Your enemies can’t see you with the “Hide and Seek” team of Huntress, Batman Beyond, and Scarecrow. Use your enemies’ strengths against them with the “Their Strength Is Their Weakness” team of Green Arrow: Emerald Archer as Lead, Black Canary, Medphyll, and Swamp Thing."

Her rework consisted in changing the legendary upgrades for some super power, rebalancing her statistics as well as modifying some of her basic super powers effects. Here is a list of the effects added and/or changed on the super powers:

  • Spin Kick (prev. Bo Kick): Damage to an enemy. Gain 3 Evasion Ups [2 turns]

Legendary: -40% enemy Turn Meter if target not evading.

  • Wildcat Haymaker (prev. Haymaker): Damage to an enemy. Apply 4 Strength Downs, +10% Chance to Stun per Strength Up on Target.

Legendary: Silence the enemy, +7% Damage per Strength Up on Target (Max 10)

  • Canard Cry: Light Damage and apply 3 Hit Chance Down to all enemies. (Before rework: Damage and apply 3 Crit Downs [2 turns] to all enemies)

Legendary: 70% Chance per enemy to -25% Turn Meter (Before rework: 50% chance to -25% all enemy Turn Meters)

  • Martial Arts Training (prev. Assassin Training): Gain +15% Turn Meter if any ally take damage.If Black Canary evades, 60% chance for ally to Counterattack.

Legendary: Cooldown -1 for Wildcat Haymaker if any ally evades.

  • Jiu-Jitsu Instruction (prev. Judo Instruction): Team Leader: At end of Black Canary's turn, 100% chance for Black Canary and allies to gain 3 Evasion Up (2T) iff no allies have Evasion Up, or 100% Chance to use Wildcat Haymaker if all allies have Evasion Up. (Before rework: 15% chance for each ally to gain 1 Evasion Up if taking damage [2 turns])

Legendary: Grant 1 Awareness to any ally when they gain Evasion Up on their turn, if they do not already have an Awareness (Before rework: +1 Evasion Up)

Note: The effects added following the rework are in bold. Also, the basic super power effects are the ones as the super power is upgraded at its maximum level. <comments />