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April Review


It's May already so it's time to look back and talk about April. This month's events provided me enough hero fragments for:

I consider this pretty good. Month over month these events provide great opportunities to unlock/upgrade great characters.

This month also saw the 7-days Hero Challenge change its format from 6 nodes to 18 nodes (and it will change again in May). You can read more about it the article I wrote in reddit: Hero Challenge Battle Breakdown. Overall I felt the changes were positive. The event did come at a higher energy cost but that cost was generously compensated by energy rings. This format invited us to farm what we wanted and not necessarily all nodes. For example, I mostly farmed Ivy and Hope nodes. I didn't get Ivy to L5 because her event overlapped Katana's and Killer Frost's who I was also farming.

New stuff

April was also marked by new things and announcements of new things. It was the month when we learned about R.E.D. Alerts which I'm looking forward to! Regarding the new things we got:

New Arena Packs. After many requests the arena packs have been refreshed and a new pack has been added: the Mega Arena Pack. The new packs cost more Battle Essence (BE) per hero fragments returned (50 and 63 BE/frag instead of 38 BE/frag) but in return we get gear. I'm going to cover the new packs in greater detail in a future article, expect it next week or the following. Meanwhile, if you want the rare characters and don't care about the common ones buy Mega Packs. In what concerns rare characters the Mega packs are a better deal than the old Big Arena packs were. All in all I find the new packs balanced. Which "balance" is better depends mostly on each one's situation.

Void Scanner. Everybody loves free stuff so there's little to criticise about the Void Scanner. From looking at my drop rates it mostly seems to drop Gear Materials and Essence (more samples are needed) but I did get 300 gems twice in the course of a month. I even got 20 Mirror Master Roguish Reflection Portrait.png Mirror Master fragments! Without doubt a nice addition. The only thing I can criticise is the UI, I hope they change the popup since it resembles the collect reward popups and it's easy to press the Scan Again button out of habit.

Affinity defense changes. Several people were asking for the meta to change and the affinity changes certainly gave a push. While in the past PVP was overly dominated by Physical characters the new change gave Energy and Mystical affinity characters better chances to survive and prove their value. So far I'm using more of my roster and enjoying the experience. Speed is still a bit too dominant and I'd like to see one shot kills in the first turn come to an end, so slower characters have a fighting chance.

Legendary Missions. After a bumpy start with some instability issues where events would disappear or appear completed without giving the rewards, things stabilised. Most of these missions have a high threshold and are not easy or don't pay off to complete every day. Some can be completed on Hero Challenges days, like Merciful Minerva, while others can be easily completed over the course of 2 days, like A Superstitious, Cowardly Lot. Legendary Missions are not mandatory, so they don't harm anyone, and we can regularly complete some of them without going out of our way earning Legendary Essence and Energy rings that otherwise we wouldn't get. I'm working on a guide that will cover each of the legendary missions individually, expect it within this month. Overall this is another positive and welcomed addition.

Budget Review

As you know I've been sharing my DCL Essence Gems budget and we already have 3 months of data.

Month In Out Net result
Feb 8160 5330 2830
Mar 8690 8375 315
Apr 9400 9800 -400
Total 26250 23505 2745

Generally good results. April was a tough month due to the 3 24h Hero Challenges featuring exclusive chars, hence the negative return. Otherwise I've been able to participate in all Hero Challenges, get exclusive chars, gear up and still turn a profit.

Since May incorporates the new 5-day HCs and the new 10-days HCs it will be an interesting month as I'm sure it will change how I spend my gems.

Drop Rates

We've started tracking battles drops rates in the wiki. If you go to Story Campaign and click on a chapter you should be able to see some. This project just started (announcement) and I'd like to ask for everyone's help so our stats get better and more reliable. To find out how to contribute check Help:Node Data Template.

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