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February Review


February has ended and it was another enjoyable month playing DC Legends. I appreciated the Batman WGD fragments given as login rewards plus Batman's PVP tournament, both helped me upgrading him to L1 just 2h before Robin's event first day ended! The extra WGD fragments took away the pressure of farming a weaker char. Because Batman WGD's tournament went well plus some luck in the PVP pulls he ended the month at L2.

Thanks to February Hero Challenges and PVP tournaments I was able to get enough shards for:

Not bad at all! Unfortunately I failed to get Batgirl to L1, one of my objectives for the month, all because I was expecting her to feature on the 4th PVP tournament. Even though there were no guaranties or promises she would have a 2nd PVP tournament, it had been the pattern going from November until January, where the 2nd and 4th PVP weeks always featured the same character (previous tournaments). I know other people were thinking the same and I hope stuff I wrote didn't mislead anyone. On the flipside I got to unlock Catwoman, so it wasn't entirely a bad week.

In February a new PVP points system was introduced, replacing +6 and +8 battles for +7, +9 and +12. I prefer this new system as it makes clearer the battles' difficulties and it rewards harder fights better. A side effect of this change was exposing a great number of hackers. Hacking has existed since the invention of computing and it's a big problem, impossible to eradicate completely. Fortunately the devs acknowledged the issue and tackled it quickly. We still see hackers lying around but not as many as in the beginning of the month.

I also have noticed less threads reporting spam attacks which makes me believe the issue has been addressed or at least mitigated. All in all PVP has improved over the course of February!

We were given 2 new podcasts in February which are always good to listen and get acquainted with devs' take on the game and characters. Keep them coming!

And of course, the 1.10 release. We got lots of bugfixes and UI improvements, all very welcomed. Thanks!


A month ago I wrote a number of suggestions, some have been addressed others not and there's little point in repeating them here. Feel free to check them at Blog:January review and some constructive suggestions.


1. Current PVP meta revolves mostly around speed. Since it's not difficult to kill a character with a single shot a lot of teams focus in getting their turns first and wiping the opposition before they get their turns. The side effects of this are lack of diversity and battles become predictable: the fastest team wins. For example, compare SinCrux's legend tier to a list of characters sorted by speed. It's no coincidence that all the legend tier characters are among the 9 speediest characters. From previous games experience and generally speaking I don't consider normal for a character to OHKO another similarly powered character without some sort of ramp up. This could be fixed in several ways but the simplest one that comes to mind is by adding a HP multiplier to PVP. For example, increase all characters' HP 2x. This way no character is nerfed, people can still count on their characters damage, battles will become longer thus enabling more characters to have their turn. This should give slower characters a chance to prove their salt.

UI Improvements

2. As some people have been discussing in the subreddit, there are a lot of tweaks that would make the game even better:

  • rotate or randomize pvp scenario;
  • allow us to see the defending team in full color. I understand they are meant to be wraith but it really diminishes the characters;
  • allow us to switch the suits of our characters from legendary to original, both in the character screen and in offensive battles. Some of us prefer the original look, let's have it;
  • option to redo the node on live events: this would save a trip to the map;
  • a speed force button on the hero's find fragments screen as suggest by /u/glpecile (


3. Last but not least comes communication. The devs have been improving their communication over time and that's something we all appreciate and there's still room for improvement. Several reports point to defensive AI changes without any matching release notes, it would be good to know what changed. When Catwoman showed up as the 4th week PVP prize many were surprised (myself included) since it was a significant deviation from what happened in the past 3 months. It's important to note players invest their time and money based on expectations and when these are not met it leads to disappointment. Not saying WB needs to reveal everything upfront and spoon feed us (they don't and shouldn't) but some hints in changes like this are appreciated so we can develop contingency plans.

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