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January review and some constructive suggestions


Originally posted on

January is ending and looking back I have to say it was a pretty good month, I really enjoyed playing DC Legends! The new characters, the 7 days Hero Challenges using restricted character lists running in paralel with the 24h Hero Challenges and PVP. All lead to a great experience where each event would feed another. OgreBarberian's Math is your friend series and the wiki's 24h Hero Challenge proved to be invaluable resources to reach the right balance in farming enough shards for the required heroes. These were constantly open on my laptop while I played on my phone. This month alone I was able to get:

In my book that's a decent turnover and this was mostly due to the current dynamic of releasing new characters and running themed events. Given the recent news about the new Bat Family characters it seems this is the way forward which I'm glad. Even December was not entirely bad with me getting:

The devs are listening and the game has been improving, thanks WB and thanks /u/WB_Raijinn! I like the way the new characters are being released and can't wait for the Bat family (BTW loved the podcast). I've also found the changes in the gear materials timed events positive, they force us to develop more characters leading to a more diverse roster.

Having said all that, we know that some things can be improved. From my personal experience, and from what I read on the subreddit, the main pains have been around the ability materials drought and PVP issues. Regarding these I leave my suggestions below.

PVE Suggestions

If I remember correctly power materials used to have a drop rate of around 5 per node. In December this was cut with some nodes only yielding around 1 material per run most of the times. This was changed again yesterday but I still am unsure about the current drop rate. My suggestion is for the drop rates to be increased to an average of 3 power materials per node/run. It's somewhere in the middle between what we had and what we experienced in January and it's a better balance in order to upgrade new characters.

Also the current power event refresh price (500) is steep. This should be revised to something closer to the other events: 100 gems for 3 runs.

PVP Suggestions

1. Disallow revenging revenges: this frequently leads to a stalemate that is rather pointless. Backtracking on this one. Comments below and recent experience on being in a league out of my depth have showed me there are benefits in the stalemate. If one is having difficulties climbing up s/he can depend on a cycle of revenges to remain stationary and collect battle essence. In other words it can be a valid strategy.

2. The average scenario when I refresh is:

  • 2x +5: which I can pretty much auto: -1K PWR difference
  • 1x +6: which I have to play manually: around -500 PWR difference
  • 2x +8: which I can potentially win: +500 to +1000 PWR difference
  • 5x +8: which are impossible to win: +4K power difference

Note that the league and level of these players can vary widely. This means I can't play half the battles, given there are around 200,000 PVP players I believe it's possible to come up with better matches. Ideally I would like all my battles to be "+7" in the sense that I'd have to manually play and they would be challenging: 50/50 chance to win/lose. The power difference should not be less nor more than 1000 so what matters is team synergy, strategy and tactics not sheer force. This would keep things interesting and enjoyable.

3. [Controversial] To avoid bait teams instead of using the current team's power for matching players, use the player's top 6 character's power average for matching. This would be better indicative of the players PVP abilities. (6 is indicative, anywhere between 4 and 8 should be good)

4. The number of PVP players is increasing (or so I hope) which means the higher leagues are becoming more and more difficult for newbies to reach. To keep things interesting for new players I suggest the following leagues change their requirements from an absolute rank to a relative one (values are indicative):

  • Champion II: Rank 10K -> Top 10%
  • Champion III: Rank 5K -> Top 5%
  • All-Star I: Rank 1.5K -> Top 1%

The top 100 ranks would remain untouched

5. What is my defense team? The general unofficial consensus seems to be that a revenge has the snapshot of the team used in the initial battle, while the Opponents section snapshots come from whoever is selected in Teams menu. Doesn't matter if the team was selected for PVE or PVP. This is something that should be officially clarified and eventually addressed. Nobody wants their Mystical Archive PVE team to show up in PVP :) Split PVE team selection from PVP so we can have some peace of mind... One way of doing this would be assigning one of the 6 Teams tab to permanently become the PVP defense team.

6. Disallow revenging wins. I mean... it's bad enough one loses trophies by fighting against a better team. Doubling down on that loss is torture and makes people opt for the easier fights.

7. Constant attacks and sudden loss of trophies. This is something I hadn't experienced in the 2 months I've played PVP until yesterday morning. Before I thought that those who bought PVP Energy and fought more often would be attacked more often but that's not always the case. Even people who simply use the allotted PVP Energy can be heavily attacked and fall 2 or more leagues. In my case the problem wasn't as extreme as others but I still lost around 170 trophies and dropped from rank 3500 to rank 12000 over a single night. That night alone I was attacked 5 times/hour. Not 100% sure how to tackle this one, I mean someone has to be attacked when a player fights another, but this should be looked into.

8\. Last but not least, some sort of training mode. I would love to try different combinations to see which characters synergise with others but currently to do that I have to risk losing precious trophies. This makes people be more conservative and stick with the tried and proven formulas. My suggestion would be some way to chose a team from my roster, the game would provide a snapshot of an opposing team with similar power and I would be able to fight it without spending PVP energy nor gaining/losing trophies.

Oops, I got carried away with the PVP suggestions... Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying the game and PVP. Even with bugs the game is lots of fun. If anything read this as a demonstration of praise. Keep up the good work! And keep the information flowing!

What are your thoughts about January?

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