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March Review


March was the Mystical month many of us were yearning for. Not only we got 3 new mystical characters one of them was Aquaman! That by itself makes it a very positive month. And Siren, the event's hero, seems to stand on her own rather well. All in all, great additions to the game. Month after month the devs give us new characters that perform in PVP and counter the meta.

This month's events provided me enough hero fragments for:

Not bad at all. I failed to get enough shards to L5 Siren as I only had 3 qualifying legendary characters at the start of the event. By day 4 I made Siren L1 and was able to complete node 6 every day so now I'm only 36 shards short of L5.

This month's first 7 days Hero Challenge was a bit more difficult than in past months. And even though that made it more challenging and rewarding (strategy was key) I ended up spending all my monthly budget for upgrading heroes on it. For the first event I spent around 2650 gems upgrading Siren and the rest of the crew as you can see on my budget spreadsheet. And since the second event had a different restricted list I had to swap my geared up Zatanna for an ungeared Swamp Thing. The second event cost me an extra 1000 gems (all overbudget) in upgrade events. This by itself wasn't a real problem but it meant that for a month I didn't upgrade my core PVP team. Next month will be better as I already have the restricted characters geared up.

I've been forgetting to say thanks to the devs for improving the Sign-in Rewards. It's easy to forget that before February the login bonus (apart hero fragments) were nothing to write home about. Now we are getting gear materials and power rings! Thanks for keeping this trend!

Regarding PVP. At some point in February the hacking situation improved but towards the end of the month it deteriorated again and this month it has been pretty bad. This is starting to take a toll on the game and even though we know the devs are working on it we are all wishing for the results to show up. On the other hand I'm quite happy with the latest matchmaking changes. When I'm in the Top 5000 I get teams around my power rating and when I step up to Top 1500 I get opponents from the Top 1500 tier, which sounds fair to me.

This month also brought some interesting shop sales: St. Patricks, Flash Fastest Man Alive Portrait.png Flash , Wonder Woman Champion of the Amazons Portrait.png Wonder Woman CotA , Superman Man of Steel Portrait.png Superman ... Keep them coming!


I've made some suggestions in my past posts here and here.

This month instead of writing my own suggestions I'll let my passive ability proc and highlight others' suggestions that piqued my interest. I suggest reading not only the original posts but also the comments:

Recent announcements

Last but not least we've been seeing great communication from the devs lately:

I'm both happy with the quantity of communication we've been getting as well as with the content of such communications. Lots of new things coming and in the next couple of months DCL is going to feel like a new game.