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Call Assist is a Debuff.png Debuff which causes the target to receive an attack from another team member.

Abilities that apply Call Assist[edit]

Ally Ability
Batgirl BatgirlOfBurnside Portrait.jpg Batgirl Physical badge.png
Batgirl BatgirlOfBurnside P1 Precision Strike.png Precision Strike (rank: 1)
Damage to an enemy, +50% damage if target has no Buffs: Debuff.png Call Assist

Green Lantern Hal Jordan Portrait.jpg Green Lantern Energy badge.png
Hal Jordan
Green Lantern Hal Jordan P1 Power Gauntlet.png Power Gauntlet (rank: 1)
Light Damage to an enemy: Debuff.png Call AssistShield.png Shield

Harley Quinn Quite Vexing Portrait.jpg Harley Quinn Physical badge.png
Quite Vexing
Harley Quinn Quite Vexing P2 Distract and Destroy.png Distract and Destroy (rank: 1)
Apply 1 Agility Down [3 turns] and Call Assist on an enemy: Agility Down.png Agility DownDebuff.png Call AssistSpeed Down.png Turn Meter DownDebuff affinity resistence down.png Affinity Resistance Down

Hawkgirl Champion of Thanagar Portrait.jpg Hawkgirl Energy badge.png
Champion of Thanagar
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Heavy Strikes (rank: 4)
Passive Ability: Gain 25 Turn Meter if Hawkgirl Stuns an enemy: Speed Up.png Turn Meter UpDebuff.png Call Assist

Hippolyta Queen of the Amazons Portrait.jpg Hippolyta Mystical badge.png
Queen of the Amazons
Hippolyta Queen of the Amazons P4 Tip of the Spear.png Tip of the Spear (rank: 4)
Damage to an enemy call Assist on target: Debuff.png Call Assist

Nightwing The Aerial Avenger Portrait.jpg Nightwing Physical badge.png
The Aerial Avenger
Nightwing The Aerial Avenger P3 The Flying Grayson.png The Flying Grayson (rank: 2)
Heavy damage and call Assist on an enemy: Debuff.png Call Assist

Wonder Woman Champion of the Amazons Portrait.jpg Wonder Woman Mystical badge.png
Champion of the Amazons
Wonder Woman Champion of the Amazons P1 Double Strikej.png Double Strike (rank: 1)
Damage to an enemy 10% chance to call Assist: Debuff.png Call Assist

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