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 Catwoman The Princess of Plunder Portrait.png Catwoman
  • Bugs & Updates

Known Bugs[edit]

Update Notes[edit]

01/30/18: Catwoman: The Princess of Plunder rework (details below).

Rework Hero (01/30/18)[edit]

Catwoman was one of the February 2018 reworked heroes with Robin: Damian Wayne, added in the game on 01/30/18

Here is the official announcement:

"Gotham City taught Selina Kyle that nothing comes for free - unless you take it yourself. As a world-class burglar, she steals from the rich and gives, well, mainly to herself. But beneath a calculating exterior, she has a few soft spots in her heart, most notably for Batman. She has a complicated relationship with the Dark Knight but is not above occasionally doing the right thing, walking the fine line between hero and villain as only a cat can.

Catwoman is a stealthy thief, who avoids deadly attacks, hiding behind Invisibility and stolen Immunities and Awareness. She also steals True Sight and purges buffs.

Build “The Caper Crew,” with Nightwing (Leader), Scarecrow, and Power Girl to pull off an epic heist against your enemies. You can also create “The Birds of Prey” team with Batgirl (Leader), Huntress, and Black Canary. "

Her rework consisted in changing the legendary upgrades for each super power and rebalancing her statistics. The basic super powers effects remained unchanged. Here is a list of the effects added and/or changed on the super powers:

  • Whiplash: Damage to an enemy. Purge 2 Buffs and gain 2 Speed Ups if Catwoman is invisible.

Legendary: Steal all Awareness and True Sight from target. If target is Damage, Debuff, or Death Immune, purge 5 Buffs from target.

  • Misdirection: Gain Invisibility and Turn Meter Up +40%. Invisibility duration +1 if teammate is taunting.

Legendary: On dying, 50% chance to use Misdirection, gain 8 Evasion Up and Heal. (Before rework: "Gain Death immunity [1 turn]")

  • Hit and Run: Apply Damage to an enemy. Gain 3 Speed Ups.

Legendary 1: Purge all Buffs on the target. Legendary 2: Apply Stun to the target. Steal all Positive Immunities on the target (before purges).

  • Distraction: 38% chance to gain Invisibility and Heal on a turn when Catwoman or a teammate takes damage.

Legendary: Also gain 1 Evasion Up and 1 Speed Up.

Note: The effects added following the rework are in bold. Also, the effects of basic super power are the ones as the super power is upgraded at its maximum level. <comments />