Chapter 3: Themyscira/Node 1

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ve Costs
Energy Material Badge.png Energy 6
Speed Force.png Speed Force 1
Refreshes 0
Average Drops per run (0 samples) Energy / unit[1]
Player XP.png Player XP 6 1
Speed Force.png Speed Force
Essence.png Essence
Promethium Piece.png Promethium Piece Lvl1
Inertron Piece.png Inertron Piece Lvl1
Valorium Piece.png Valorium Piece Lvl1
Nth Metal Piece.png Nth Metal Piece Lvl1
Meta-Agent XP.png Meta-Agent XP Lvl2
Meta-Agent XP Physical.png Meta-Agent XP Physical Lvl2
Meta-Agent XP Mystical.png Meta-Agent XP Mystical Lvl2
Meta-Agent XP Energy.png Meta-Agent XP Energy Lvl2
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  1. All ratios are shown as cost per unit (energy or essence) except for essence which is displayed as essence/energy.