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Green Arrow Hero Stats Screen Capture

Character stats dictate what a character is strong or weak at. Stats change as characters are upgraded.

For a collection of all characters stats check Allies.

Main stats[edit]

Main stats of characters can be increased by Levelling up, ranking up and gear bonus.


Strength (STR) affects Damage.png Physical Damage

Related Effects:


Agility (AGI) affects Physical Defense

Related Effects:


Stamina (STA) affects Hit Points

Related Effects:


Intelligence (INT) affects Special Damage.png Special Damage, Special Damage Defense, and Medium Heal.png Heal Power

Related Effects:

Hit Points[edit]

Hit Points (HP) is the amount of damage a Hero can take before they are defeated

Related Effects:


Speed (SPD) is the frequency a Hero takes turns in combat


Critical Chance[edit]

Critical Chance (CRT CH) is the +% chance a Hero has to perform a "Critical Hit"

Related Effects:

Critical Amount[edit]

Critical Amount (CRT VAL) is the +% increase in damage or healing a Hero gets when dealing a "Critical Hit"

Secondary stats[edit]

Stats that are only increased by Gear Bonus

Physical Damage[edit]

Physical Damage (P DMG) increases Physical Damage dealt

Related Effects:

Special Damage[edit]

Special Damage (S DMG) increases Special Damage and Healing dealt

Affinity Power[edit]

Affinity Power (AP) increases extra Affinity damage dealt

Related Effects:

Affinity Resist[edit]

Affinity Resist (AR) reduces extra Affinity damage received

Related Effects:


Defense (DEF) reduces Physical Damage received


Resistance (RES) reduces Special Damage received

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