Chemo: The Deathless Doom

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 Chemo The Deathless Doom Portrait.png Chemo
  • Overview
Chemo: The Deathless Doom's costume

Able to spew highly corrosive and toxic chemical attacks Chemo: The Deathless Doom is a Villain with Energy badge.png Energy affinity.


Chemo: The Deathless Doom Base Stats
Icon Name Base Value Growth Modifier Total
Chemo The Deathless Doom Portrait.png
Energy badge.png Energy

Strength 322 5.1 327
Agility 315 5.4 320
Stamina 338 6 344
Intelligence 332 5.4 337
Hit Points 10 3440
Speed 51 0 51
Critical Chance 5 0 5
Critical Value 150 0 150
Power n/a

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Chemo: The Deathless Doom Base Stats
Icon Name Base Value Growth Modifier Total
Chemo The Deathless Doom Legendary Portrait.png
Energy badge.png Energy

Strength 322 9.3 331
Agility 315 9.9 325
Stamina 338 10.9 349
Intelligence 332 9.9 342
Hit Points 10 3489
Speed 51 0 51
Critical Chance 5 0 5
Critical Value 150 0 150
Power n/a

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Chemo: The Deathless Doom Gear Stats
Gear Set Name Level 11 Value Full Name Description

  • Type: Special
STR 255 Strength Affects Physical Damage
AGI 330 Agility Affects Physical Defense
STA 1175 Stamina Affects Hit Points
INT 865 Intelligence Affects Special Damage, Special Damage Defense, and Heal Power
HP 10650 Hit Points The amount of damage a Hero can take before they are defeated
SPD 30 Speed The frequency a Hero takes turns in combat
CRT CH 10% Critical Chance The +% chance a Hero has to perform a "Critical Hit"
CRT VAL 28% Critical Amount The +% increase in damage or healing a Hero gets when dealing a "Critical Hit"
P DMG N/A Physical Damage Increases Physical Damage dealt
S DMG 1.58 Special Damage Increases Special Damage and Healing dealt
AP 0.75 Affinity Power Increases extra Affinity damage dealt
AR 0.14 Affinity Resist Reduces extra Affinity damage received
DEF 1.93 Defense Reduces Physical Damage received
RES 1.86 Resistance Reduces Special Damage received

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Chemo: The Deathless Doom Level 70 Stats with Gear 11
Icon Name Base Value Growth Modifier Growth Modifier x70 Gear bonus Total
Chemo The Deathless Doom Legendary Portrait.png
Energy badge.png Energy

Strength 322 9.3 651 255 1228
Agility 315 9.9 693 330 1338
Stamina 338 10.9 763 1175 2276
Intelligence 332 9.9 693 865 1890
Hit Points 10 10650 33410
Speed 51 0 0 30 81
Critical Chance 5% 0 0 10% 15%
Critical Value 150% 0 0 28% 178%
S DMG 1.58 1.58
AP 0.75 0.75
AR 0.14 0.14
DEF 1.93 1.93
RES 1.86 1.86
Power n/a

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Super Powers[edit]

rank: 1

Chem Trail

Icon Quick Info Effects Official Description
Chemo The Deathless Doom P1 Chem Trail.png Target An Enemy Special Damage to an enemy, gain 3 Mend [3 turns] if target is Bleeding
Type Damage.png Damage
Cooldown 0
Level Name Description
1 Chem Trail Damage to an enemy, gain 1 Mend if target is Bleeding
2 Enhanced Chem Trail I Damage +5%
3 Enhanced Chem Trail II Damage +5%
4 Enhanced Chem Trail III Damage +5%
5 Enhanced Chem Trail IV Damage to an enemy, gain 2 Mends if target is Bleeding
6 Enhanced Chem Trail V Damage +5%
7 Enhanced Chem Trail VI Damage +5%
8 Enhanced Chem Trail VII Damage +10%
9 Enhanced Chem Trail VIII Damage to an enemy, gain 3 Mends if target is Bleeding
Legendary Chemical Shock Apply Disease if target is Bleeding
edit values

rank: 1

Toxic Spill

Icon Quick Info Effects Official Description
Chemo The Deathless Doom P2 Toxic Spill.png Target All Enemies Apply 3 Bleed [always] to all enemies
Type Debuff.png Debuff
Cooldown 2
Level Name Description
1 Toxic Spill Apply 3 Bleed to all enemies
2 Enhanced Toxic Spill I Damage +2%
3 Enhanced Toxic Spill II Damage +2%
4 Enhanced Toxic Spill III Damage +3%
5 Enhanced Toxic Spill IV Damage +3%
6 Enhanced Toxic Spill V Damage +5%
7 Enhanced Toxic Spill VI Damage +10%
8 Enhanced Toxic Spill VII Damage +10%
9 Enhanced Toxic Spill VIII Damage +15%
Legendary Poison Cloud Cannot miss
Legendary 2 Atomic Well Cooldown -1
edit values

rank: 2


Icon Quick Info Effects Official Description
Chemo The Deathless Doom P3 Fallout.png Target All Enemies Apply 4 Speed Down [3 turns] and 30% of Turn Meter Down to all enemies.
Type Debuff.png Debuff
Cooldown 3
Level Name Description
1 Fallout Apply 4 Speed Down [3 turns] and 30% of Turn Meter Down to all enemies.
2 Enhanced Fallout I Turn Meter Down +2%
3 Enhanced Fallout II Turn Meter Down +2%
4 Enhanced Fallout III Speed Down +1
5 Enhanced Fallout IV Turn Meter Down +3%
6 Enhanced Fallout V
7 Enhanced Fallout VI
8 Enhanced Fallout VII
Legendary Accelerated Fallout 60% chance to apply Doom to one random enemy if the enemy team have 6 or more Bleeds
edit values

rank: 4

Corrosive Anatomy

Icon Quick Info Effects Official Description
Chemo The Deathless Doom P4 Corrosive Anatomy.png Target An Enemy Passive Ability: Apply 2 Bleeds to enemies that damage Chemo and 75% chance to apply Doom on attacker
Cooldown N/A
Level Name Description
1 Corrosive Anatomy 75% chance to apply 2 Bleeds to enemies that damage Chemo and 50% chance to apply Doom on attacker
2 Enhanced Corrosive Anatomy I Chance +2%
3 Enhanced Corrosive Anatomy II Chance +2%
4 Enhanced Corrosive Anatomy III Chance +3%
5 Enhanced Corrosive Anatomy IV Chance +3%
6 Enhanced Corrosive Anatomy V Chance +5%
7 Enhanced Corrosive Anatomy VI Chance +5%
8 Enhanced Corrosive Anatomy VII Chance +5%
Legendary Toxic Blood Use Chem Trail on the attacker
edit values


Icon Quick Info Effects Official Description
[[File:Template:ChemoTheDeathlessDoomPower5|80px]] Target Template:ChemoTheDeathlessDoomPower5 Template:ChemoTheDeathlessDoomPower5
Type {{Template:ChemoTheDeathlessDoomPower5 }}, {{Template:ChemoTheDeathlessDoomPower5 }}, {{Template:ChemoTheDeathlessDoomPower5 }}
Cooldown Template:ChemoTheDeathlessDoomPower5
Level Name Description
1 Template:ChemoTheDeathlessDoomPower5 Template:ChemoTheDeathlessDoomPower5
2 Template:ChemoTheDeathlessDoomPower5 Template:ChemoTheDeathlessDoomPower5
3 Template:ChemoTheDeathlessDoomPower5 Template:ChemoTheDeathlessDoomPower5
4 Template:ChemoTheDeathlessDoomPower5 Template:ChemoTheDeathlessDoomPower5
5 Template:ChemoTheDeathlessDoomPower5 Template:ChemoTheDeathlessDoomPower5
6 Template:ChemoTheDeathlessDoomPower5 Template:ChemoTheDeathlessDoomPower5
7 Template:ChemoTheDeathlessDoomPower5 Template:ChemoTheDeathlessDoomPower5
8 Template:ChemoTheDeathlessDoomPower5 Template:ChemoTheDeathlessDoomPower5
9 Template:ChemoTheDeathlessDoomPower5 Template:ChemoTheDeathlessDoomPower5
Legendary Template:ChemoTheDeathlessDoomPower5 Template:ChemoTheDeathlessDoomPower5
Legendary 2 Template:ChemoTheDeathlessDoomPower5 Template:ChemoTheDeathlessDoomPower5
edit values



Discarded chemicals and proto-type technology unwittingly created this sentient vat of toxic waste.

Working to cure the world's ills Prof Ramsey Norton would discard his failed chemical experiments in a disposal container in his lab. But Norton's failures resulted in one startling success - the creation of the lifeform known as Chemo. Whatever was in that container that brought the toxic sludge to life the being that emerged has a rudimentary intelligence and aggressive nature that makes it a noxious menace.


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