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 Chemo The Deathless Doom Portrait.png Chemo
  • Bugs & Updates

Known Bugs[edit]

•Chemo's Silence from legendary upgrade of basic attack will occur if target is debuffed (not only if bleeding, like the description)

•Chemo in PvP will sometimes not attack on his turn. From /u/khangkhanh on Reddit: The bug happens after he learnt Fallout and doesn't have enough bleed on their team to active it. Look like the AI check for the 6 bleed requirement to play Fallout, because it's not enough, he skips his turn somehow. The only way to prevent this for now is upgrading his AOE attack high enough to stacks 6 bleeds on the enemies team. [sic]

Update Notes[edit]

Original Hero[edit]

  • This character has no Release Update Note.

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