Debuff Immunity

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Debuff Immunity is a Buff.png Buff that prevents the target from being debuffed.

Abilities that apply Debuff Immunity[edit]

Ally Ability
Arkkis Chummuck Green Lantern of Sector 3014 Portrait.jpg Arkkis Chummuck Energy badge.png
Green Lantern of Sector 3014
Arkkis Chummuck Green Lantern of Sector 3014 P2 Issue Challengepv.png Issue Challenge (rank: 1)
Arkkis uses Toomeyan Fist on the target twice then target attacks Arkkis once: Strength Up.png Strength UpDebuff Immunity.png Debuff ImmunityDeath Immunity.png Death Immunity

Flash Fastest Man Alive Portrait.jpg Flash Energy badge.png
Fastest Man Alive
Flash Fastest Man Alive P2 Red Streak.png Red Streak (rank: 1)
Speed Up [always] on self: Speed Up.png Speed UpDebuff Immunity.png Debuff Immunity

Hawkgirl Champion of Thanagar Portrait.jpg Hawkgirl Energy badge.png
Champion of Thanagar
Hawkgirl Champion of Thanagar P2 To the Nth Power.png To the Nth Power (rank: 1)
Purge 1 debuff from all allies 50% chance to Purge extra debuff: Debuff Immunity.png Debuff Immunity

Wonder Woman Princess of Themyscira Portrait.jpg Wonder Woman Mystical badge.png
Princess of Themyscira
Wonder Woman Princess of Themyscira P2 Hold the Linexm.png Power of Truth (rank: 1)
Purge 7 debuffs from self and purge 3 debuffs from allies: Speed Up.png Turn Meter UpDebuff Immunity.png Debuff Immunity

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