Enrage Immunity

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Enrage Immunity badge

Enrage Immunity is a Buff.png Buff that prevents the target from receiving the Enrage.png Enrage debuff.

Abilities that apply Enrage Immunity[edit]

Ally Ability
Arkkis Chummuck Green Lantern of Sector 3014 Portrait.png Arkkis Chummuck Energy badge.png
Green Lantern of Sector 3014
Arkkis Chummuck Green Lantern of Sector 3014 P4 ParagonLj.png Paragon (rank: 4)
Passive Ability: 68% chance to use Toomeyan Fist and gain Enrage Immunity (1T) if Arkkis is damaged while Shielded.: Enrage Immunity.png Enrage ImmunityStrength Up.png Strength UpShield.png ShieldSpeed Up.png Turn Meter Up

Brainiac Portrait.png Brainiac Energy badge.png
The Collector of Worlds
Brainiac P4.png Vanguard Defense (rank: max)
Give Enrage Immunity and 15% Turn Meter Up to team at start of battle: Enrage Immunity.png Enrage ImmunitySpeed Up.png Turn Meter Up

Saint Walker Profile.PNG Saint Walker Mystical badge.png
Lantern of Hope
Saint Walker P4.PNG In Fearful Day (rank: 4)
Saint Walker is immune to Enrage. At the beginning of his turn, if Saint Walker's HP is below 50%, gain a Light Heal.: Debuff Immunity.png Debuff ImmunityEnrage Immunity.png Enrage Immunity

Steppenwolf General of Apokolips Portrait.png Steppenwolf Energy badge.png
General of Apokolips
Steppenwolf General of Apokolips P5.png March Toward Annihilation (rank: 1)
Team Leader Badge.png Team Leader Team Leader: All allies gain Enrage Immunity at the start of battle. At the start of each of your allies' turns, they gain 2 Hit Chance Up.: Enrage Immunity.png Enrage ImmunityHit Chance Up.png Hit Chance UpCrit Chance Up.png Crit Chance Up

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