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 Hawkgirl Champion of Thanagar Portrait.png Hawkgirl
  • Bugs & Updates

Known Bugs[edit]

Update Notes[edit]

Original Hero[edit]

04/27/18: Hawkgirl: Champion of Thanagar rework (details below).

Rework Hero (04/27/18)

Hawkgirl: Champion of Thanagar was one of the May 2018 reworked heroes along with Killer Frost: Dr. Kaitlin Snow added in the game on 04/27/18

Here is the official announcement:

"In ancient Egypt, princess Chay-Ara was slain by the evil priest Hath-Set with a dagger forged of the mysterious Nth metal from the alien world Thanagar. Cursed, her soul was destined to live and die innumerable times. In modern days, Kendra Saunders is the latest reincarnation of the fierce hero. Equipped with wings and mace of Nth metal, Hawkgirl draws her powers from both the ancient past of Earth and the alien world of Thanagar.

Hawkgirl is a fierce warrior, with Nth metal mace that channels destructive and stunning energy.

Keep Hawkgirl as a “Relentless Thanagarian,” in constant motion with Gorilla Grodd, Killer Frost, and Bane."'

Her rework consisted in changing the legendary upgrades for some super power and rebalancing her statistics. Here is a list of the effects added and/or changed on the super powers:

  • Thanagarian Strike: Damage to an enemy, 35% chance to Stun. [Before: 30% chance to stun]

Legendary: 20% Chance to strike a random additional enemy. 80% chance if target was Stunned by Thanagarian Strike. [Before: Hits twice if target get stunned]

  • To the Nth Power: Purge 3 Debuffs and apply Crit Immunity to all allies. 80% chance to Purge extra debuff.

Legendary: 20% chance to apply Debuff Immunity to all allies.

  • Charged Blow: Special Damage to all enemies, 15% Chance to Stun each enemy, +10% chance if any teammate has a Positive Immunity. [Before: 14% chance to stun. No additional chance to stun with positive immunity]

Legendary: Cooldown -1.

  • Heavy Strikes: Gain 50% Turn Meter if an enemy gets Stunned on a team member's turn. [Before: 46% Turn Meter max.]

Legendary: 40% chance to call Assist if Hawkgirl Stuns an enemy on her turn. Legendary 2: 100% chance to call Assist if Hawkgirl Stuns an enemy on her turn.

Note: The effects added following the rework are in bold. Also, the effects of basic super power are the ones when the super power is upgraded at its maximum level.

Heading text[edit]