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Medium Heal is a type of ability that restores Health Points to self or allies.

For an extensive list of characters with healing abilities check Category:Healers.

Allies that apply Medium Heal[edit]

Ally Ability
Bizarro No 1 Portrait.png Bizarro Energy badge.png
No. 1
Bizarro No 1 P5 Bizarro 17.png Bizarro 17 (rank: 5)
Passive Ability: Gain a Medium Heal if Bizarro is dealt a Critical Hit
Doctor Poison Master of the Toxic Portrait.png Doctor Poison Physical badge.png
Master of the Toxic
Doctor Poison Master of the Toxic P2 Antivenom.png Antivenom (rank: 1)
Heal team. Additional 2% max health healed per Bleed on enemy team
Doomsday The Ultimate Portrait.png Doomsday Energy badge.png
The Ultimate
Doomsday The Ultimate P2 Adaptive Defense.png Adaptive Defense (rank: 1)
Gain 3 Affinity Ups [always], gain a Medium Heal if Doomsday has 4+ buffs: Affinity Power Up.png Affinity Up

Star Sapphire Carol Ferris Portrait.png Star Sapphire Mystical badge.png
Carol Ferris
Star Sapphire Carol Ferris P2 Power of Love.png Power of Love (rank: 1)
Medium Heal to an ally and Star Sapphire

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