Heal Immunity

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Heal Immunity Badge

Heal Immunity is a Debuff.png Debuff that prevents the target from receiving healing.

Abilities that apply Heal Immunity[edit]

Ally Ability
Deathstroke The Terminator Portrait.jpg Deathstroke Physical badge.png
The Terminator
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Contract Killer (rank: 4)
Passive Ability: Apply Heal Immunity [2 turn duration] to a random enemy if Deathstroke kills an enemy: Heal Immunity.png Heal Immunity

Huntress The Zealous Crusader Portrait.jpg Huntress Physical badge.png
The Zealous Crusader
Huntress The Zealous Crusader P1 Merciless Shot.png Merciless Shot (rank: 1)
Damage to an enemy, +40% Crit Chance if target below 50% Health: Heal Immunity.png Heal Immunity

Mera Queen of Atlantis Portrait.jpg Mera Mystical badge.png
Queen of Atlantis
Mera Queen of Atlantis P3 Oceans Fury.png Ocean's Fury (rank: 2)
Special damage to an enemy +3% increased damage per Mend on Mera's team max +60%: Heal Immunity.png Heal Immunity

Superman Man of Steel Portrait.jpg Superman Energy badge.png
Man of Steel
Superman Man of Steel P2 Heat Vision.png Heat Vision (rank: 1)
Special Damage and 1% True Damage to an enemy: Debuff.png Buff ImmunityHeal Immunity.png Heal Immunity

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