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Heavy Damage is a type of attack.

Allies that deal Heavy Damage[edit]

Ally Ability
Bane Venom Addict Portrait.jpg Bane Physical badge.png
Venom Addict
Bane Venom Addict P3 Backbreaker.png Backbreaker (rank: 2)
Heavy Damage to an enemy with 25% chance to Stun [1 turn], only usable if Bane has 2+ Mends: Stun.png Stun

Batman Caped Crusader Portrait.jpg Batman Physical badge.png
Caped Crusader
Batman Caped Crusader P3 Grapnel Kick.png Grapnel Kick (rank: 2)
Heavy Damage to an enemy, +55% Crit Chance if Batman is Invisible: Invisibility.png Invisibility

Cyborg Vic Stone Portrait.jpg Cyborg Energy badge.png
Vic Stone
Cyborg Vic Stone P2 Charged Cannon.png Charged Cannon (rank: 1)
Heavy Damage to an enemy 30% chance to hit
Deadshot Hired Gun Portrait.jpg Deadshot Physical badge.png
Hired Gun
Deadshot Hired Gun P3 Bounty Shot.png Bounty Shot (rank: 2)
Heavy Damage to an enemy, Cooldown -1 for all Deadshot moves if target killed
Doomsday The Ultimate Portrait.jpg Doomsday Energy badge.png
The Ultimate
Doomsday The Ultimate P3 Devastator.png Devastator (rank: 2)
Heavy Damage to an enemy, only usable if Doomsday has 8+ buffs
Huntress The Zealous Crusader Portrait.jpg Huntress Physical badge.png
The Zealous Crusader
Huntress The Zealous Crusader P3 The Big Hit.png The Big Hit (rank: 2)
Heavy Damage to an enemy +50% Damage if an enemy is dead: Strength Up.png Strength Up

Nightwing The Aerial Avenger Portrait.jpg Nightwing Physical badge.png
The Aerial Avenger
Nightwing The Aerial Avenger P3 The Flying Grayson.png The Flying Grayson (rank: 2)
Heavy damage and call Assist on an enemy: Debuff.png Call Assist

Wonder Woman Princess of Themyscira Portrait.jpg Wonder Woman Mystical badge.png
Princess of Themyscira
Wonder Woman Princess of Themyscira P3 Fury of Zeus.png Fury of Zeus (rank: 2)
Heavy Damage and purge 4 buffs from an enemy

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