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Heavy Heal is a type of ability that restores Health Points to self or allies.

For an extensive list of characters with healing abilities check Category:Healers.

Allies that apply Heavy Heal[edit]

Ally Ability
Batman Worlds Greatest Detective Portrait.jpg Batman Physical badge.png
World's Greatest Detective
Batman Worlds Greatest Detective P3 Synthesize Cure.png Synthesize Cure (rank: 2)
Purge 5 debuffs and Heavy Heal to an ally: Speed Up.png Turn Meter Up

Poison Ivy Mistress of Plants Portrait.jpg Poison Ivy Physical badge.png
Mistress of Plants
Poison Ivy Mistress of Plants P3 Toxin Transfer.png Toxin Transfer (rank: 2)
Heavy heal on target ally, move up to 3 Debuffs from the target onto a random enemy
Raven Daughter of Demons Portrait.jpg Raven Mystical badge.png
Daughter of Demons
Raven Daughter of Demons P2 Empathic Healing.png Empathic Healing (rank: 1)
Heavy Heal on an ally Raven takes 5% True Damage
Swamp Thing Champion of The Green Portrait.jpg Swamp Thing Mystical badge.png
Champion of The Green
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Forever Green (rank: 4)
Passive Ability: Revive with 30% Health and apply Heavy Heal to all allies: Revive.png ReviveHeavy Heal.png Heavy HealSpeed Down.png Turn Meter DownMend.png Mend

Zatanna Mistress of Magic Portrait.jpg Zatanna Mystical badge.png
Mistress of Magic
Zatanna Mistress of Magic P2 Stacked Deck.png Stacked Deck (rank: 1)
Heavy Heal to all allies

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