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Heavy Heal is a type of ability that restores Health Points to self or allies.

For an extensive list of characters with healing abilities check Category:Healers.

Allies that apply Heavy Heal[edit]

Ally Ability
Batman Worlds Greatest Detective Portrait.png Batman Physical badge.png
World's Greatest Detective
Batman Worlds Greatest Detective P3 Synthesize Cure.png Synthesize Cure (rank: 2)
Purge 5 debuffs and Heavy Overheal to an ally: Speed Up.png Turn Meter Up

Black Lightning Portrait.png Black Lightning Energy badge.png
Protector of Suicide Slums
Black Lighting P2.png Supercharge (rank: max)
Heavy Overheal and purge 2 Debuffs from an ally: Overheal.png Overheal

Poison Ivy Mistress of Plants Portrait.png Poison Ivy Physical badge.png
Mistress of Plants
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Toxin Transfer (rank: max)
Heavy Overheal to an Ally, Move up to 3 Debuffs from the Target onto a Random Enemy
Raven Daughter of Demons Portrait.png Raven Mystical badge.png
Daughter of Demons
Raven Daughter of Demons P2 Empathic Healing.png Empathic Healing (rank: 1)
Heavy Overheal on an ally. Raven takes 5% True Damage
Swamp Thing Champion of The Green Portrait.png Swamp Thing Mystical badge.png
Champion of The Green
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Forever Green (rank: 4)
Passive Ability: Revive with 30% Health and apply Heavy Heal to all allies. 30% Chance to also revive all allies: Revive.png ReviveHeavy Heal.png Heavy HealAwareness.png AwarenessMend.png Mend

Zatanna Mistress of Magic Portrait.png Zatanna Mystical badge.png
Mistress of Magic
Zatanna Mistress of Magic P2 Stacked Deck.png Stacked Deck (rank: 1)
Heavy Heal to all allies

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