Heavy Special Damage (type)

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Heavy Special Damage is a type of attack, such as Special Damage.png Special Damage but stronger. For more details read the Special Damage.png Special Damage page.

Allies that deal Heavy Special Damage[edit]

Ally Ability
Black Adam KhemAdam Portrait.jpg Black Adam Mystical badge.png
Black Adam KhemAdam P3 Khandaq Storm.png Khandaq Storm (rank: 2)
Heavy Special Damage and purge 3 buffs from an enemy, Cooldown +1 on SHAZAM!: Template:Purge

Raven Daughter of Demons Portrait.jpg Raven Mystical badge.png
Daughter of Demons
Raven Daughter of Demons P3 Daughter of Trigon.png Daughter of Trigon (rank: 2)
Heavy Special Damage and apply 2 Intelligence Downs [2 turns] to an enemy: Intelligence Down.png Intelligence Down

Shazam Billy Batson Portrait.jpg Shazam Mystical badge.png
Billy Batson
Shazam Billy Batson P3 Power of Zeusd.png Power of Zeus (rank: 2)
Heavy Special Damage to an enemy apply 6 Critical Chance Downs if Shazam is Taunting: Crit Chance Down.png Crit Chance DownSpeed Down.png Turn Meter Down

Superman Man of Steel Portrait.jpg Superman Energy badge.png
Man of Steel
Superman Man of Steel P2 Heat Vision.png Heat Vision (rank: 1)
Heavy Special Damage and purge 1-3 buffs from an enemy: Bleed.png Bleed

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