Heavy Special Damage (type)

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Heavy Special Damage is a type of attack, such as Special Damage.png Special Damage but stronger. For more details read the Special Damage.png Special Damage page.

Allies that deal Heavy Special Damage[edit]

Ally Ability
Black Adam KhemAdam Portrait.jpg Black Adam Mystical badge.png
Black Adam KhemAdam P3 Khandaq Storm.png Khandaq Storm (rank: 2)
Heavy Special Damage and purge 3 buffs from an enemy, Cooldown +1 on SHAZAM!: Template:Purge

Raven Daughter of Demons Portrait.jpg Raven Mystical badge.png
Daughter of Demons
Raven Daughter of Demons P3 Daughter of Trigon.png Daughter of Trigon (rank: 2)
Heavy Special Damage and apply 2 Intelligence Downs [2 turns] to an enemy: Intelligence Down.png Intelligence Down

Shazam Billy Batson Portrait.jpg Shazam Mystical badge.png
Billy Batson
Shazam Billy Batson P3 Power of Zeusd.png Power of Zeus (rank: 2)
Heavy Special Damage to an enemy apply 6 Critical Chance Downs if Shazam is Taunting: Crit Chance Down.png Crit Chance DownSpeed Down.png Turn Meter Down

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