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Welcome! DC Legends Wiki is an open wiki and all contributions are welcomed. If you see an error or want to improve an article go ahead and do it. We also welcome people to voice their opinions by creating their own Blog Posts.


Editing on DC Legends Wiki is as simple as clicking the Edit button on a page. Doing so will take you to an edit page where you can make changes to the page and add new information and media, correct errors, or update the formatting.

Wiki syntax and help[edit]

DC Legends Wiki is powered by MediaWiki, the same technology behind Wikipedia. For any help regarding advanced syntax or wiki mechanics check's Help to learn more:

Embedded videos[edit]

To embed videos use the <embedvideo> tag:

<embedvideo service="youtube"></embedvideo>

For more advanced examples check EmbedVideo plugin page.


DC Legends Wiki makes heavy usage of a mediawiki feature named templates. These enable us to render game character stats across multiple pages from a single source of information. To get acquainted with templates it's recommended to read MediaWiki's Templates Help page.


DC Legends Wiki has a cache to speed up page loading times. Users who are not logged in will always hit this cache and as consequence they may occasionally see stale content. To purge a page from cache and force mediawiki to regenerate it append ?action=purge to the target page URL. This is specially useful to regenerate a character's page after editing their stats or abilities templates.

This is particularly important with Category pages for which the cache is only refreshed once a week (via script).


If you have a question or doubt you can reach DC Legends Wiki through reddit by PM or by mentioning /u/dclegends_wiki.