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Legendary Missions are specific missions that provide rewards upon completion and are refreshed daily. Legendary Missions only become accessible after completing all Daily Missions and are accessible through the Missions button, on the right bottom corner of the Watchtower. The rewards can be:

Legendary Missions were introduced on 2017/04/06 with the v1.11 update.

Table of Legendary Missions and Rewards[edit]

Mission Speed Force Essence Gems Essence Legendary Essence WillPower Hope Rage
Faster Than a Speeding Bullet
Rank up a Hero
20 000 100
From the Void
Collect mystical Essence from the Essence Collector 6x
40 000
No Evil Shall Escape My Sight!
Start 50 Campaign Battles on Any Difficulty
15 70 300 000
More Powerful Than a Locomotive!
Start 30 Battles on Heroic Difficulty
10 100 300 000
A Superstitious, Cowardly Lot
Start 27 PvP Battles in the Wraith Arena
15 3 1
Merciful Minerva!
Collect 53 Hero Fragments
10 250 5
Up, Up and Away!
Upgrade Gear on a Hero 11x
5 300
In Brightest Day
Start 10 R.E.D Alert Battles
1 1
Truth and Justice
Complete All Legendary Missions
TOTAL 55 170 660 000 1850 6 4 1

Daily and Legendary Missions combined rewards[edit]

Event Player XP Speed Force Essence Gems Energy Essence Battle Essence Meta-Agent XP LVL2 Legendary Essence WillPower Hope Rage
Daily Missions 145 20 90 25 2 300 100 2 0 0 0 0
Legendary Missions 0 55 170 0 660 000 0 0 1850 6 4 1
TOTAL 145 75 260 25 662 300 100 2 1850 6 4 1

Official Description[edit]

Every 24 hours, you will receive a set of Daily Missions for awesome rewards.

Completing all your Daily Missions unlocks Legendary Daily Missions for more epic rewards!


Legendary Missions were introduced on 2017/04/06 with the v1.11 update.

On the 2017/04/28 Hotfix the Faster Than a Speeding Bullet and Up, Up and Away! missions were changed. Faster Than a Speeding Bullet had its Essence.png Essence reward reduced from 50K to 20K. Up, Up and Away! requirements changed from 6x gear upgrades to 10x and it's rewards also changed from 30x Speed Force.png Speed Force and 200x Leg. Essence to 5x and 300x respectively.

On v1.12 update the legendary missions counters were changed to account for steps completed during the daily missions. In the past steps done to complete Daily Missions were not accounted for in legendary missions. Note, this change did not increase the threshold to complete the legendary missions it's above all a visual change.

Legendary Missions Video preview[edit]

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