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Light Heal is a type of ability that restores Health Points to self or allies.

For an extensive list of characters with healing abilities check Category:Healers.

Allies that apply Light Heal[edit]

Ally Ability
Lex Luthor Survival Support Suit Portrait.jpg Lex Luthor Energy badge.png
Survival Support Suit
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LexCorp Repair Bot (rank: 4)
Team Leader Badge.png Team Leader All allies have a 50% chance to gain a Light Heal if buffed
Mera Queen of Atlantis Portrait.jpg Mera Mystical badge.png
Queen of Atlantis
Mera Queen of Atlantis P2 Favor of the Sea.png Favor of the Sea (rank: 1)
Apply 6 Mends [3 turns] to target: Mend.png MendDamage Immunity.png Damage Immunity

Sinestro White Lantern Portrait.jpg Sinestro Mystical badge.png
White Lantern
Sinestro White Lantern P2 Life Itself.png Life Itself (rank: 1)
Apply Light Heal and 1 Mend [3 turns] to all allies: Mend.png MendTemplate:Purge Debuffs

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