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Light Heal is a type of ability that restores Health Points to self or allies.

For an extensive list of characters with healing abilities check Category:Healers.

Allies that apply Light Heal[edit]

Ally Ability
Ares God of War Portrait.png Ares Mystical badge.png
God of War
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Fueled by Conflict (rank: 4)
Passive Ability: At the end of every hero's turn, if any hero was Enraged or dealt a Critical Hit, Ares gains 1 permanent Stamina Upand 7% Turn Meter Up.: Stamina Up.png Stamina UpSpeed Up.png Turn Meter Up

Lobo The Main Man Portrait.png Lobo Physical badge.png
The Main Man
Lobo The Main Man P2 The Main Man.png The Main Man (rank: 1)
Gain 5 taunts, Light heal: Taunt.png TauntStamina Up.png Stamina UpSpeed Down.png Turn Meter Down

Mera Queen of Atlantis Portrait.png Mera Mystical badge.png
Queen of Atlantis
Mera Queen of Atlantis P2 Favor of the Sea.png Favor of the Sea (rank: 1)
Apply 6 Mends [3 turns] to target: Mend.png MendDamage Immunity.png Damage Immunity

Saint Walker Profile.PNG Saint Walker Mystical badge.png
Lantern of Hope
Saint Walker P4.PNG In Fearful Day (rank: 4)
Saint Walker is immune to Enrage. At the beginning of his turn, if Saint Walker's HP is below 50%, gain a Light Heal.: Debuff Immunity.png Debuff ImmunityEnrage Immunity.png Enrage Immunity

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