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PVP Wraith Arena at the Watchtower

PVP Arena (formerly know as PVP Wraith Arena) is a game mode where the player faces snapshots of other players teams played by the AI. Every week there's a new tournament which give access to rewards based on league placement. The higher a player ranks, the higher the league s/he achieves and better rewards are collected. Rewards are usually hero fragments (either for exclusive or farmable characters) and Battle Essence.png Battle Essence, which can be traded for Arena Packs.


Leagues are groups in which a player is placed based on trophy count and rank. Players attack and are attacked by other players in surrounding leagues. Since 2017/04/03 the leagues are:

League Requirements Rewards Trophies
after reset
Trophies Rank Hero Fragments Battle Essence B.E. per victory
World's Finest 1700 1 400 3000 60 1500
All-Star III 1700 35 280 2000 60 1500
All-Star II 100 240 1500 1500
All-Star I 1500 140 1000 1500
Champion III 1500 5000 90 750 50 1500
Champion II 10000 70 500 1500
Champion I 50 400 1200
Super Hero III 1400 25 300 40 1200
Super Hero II 1300 10 200 1200
Super Hero I 1200 150 900
Hero III 1100 100 30 900
Hero II 1000 75 900
Hero I 900 50 900
Sidekick 25 20 900

For previous leagues check /Leagues.

PVP Leagues

List of Tournaments[edit]

Dates refer to the ending date of the tournament and are in GMT


After 1.12 release [1] the Super Hero II league reward was changed and it no longer drops 10 Hero Fragments. This change was reverted at some point in June 2017 and now Super Hero II league does reward 10 shards.

On 2017/05/23 it was announced Hippolyta Queen of the Amazons Portrait.png Hippolyta would replace Batman The Dark Knight Portrait.png Batman TDK as the leaderboard completion reward. And the change took effect on 2017/05/29 after PVP reset.

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