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R.E.D. Alerts on the Watchtower

R.E.D. Alerts, or Rapid Earth Defense Alerts, is a game mode played daily where the player faces a series of battles in different DC locations across the Earth. Each new R.E.D. alert battle is harder than the previous one and the player's team keeps their health and shields from their previous fight.


R.E.D. Alerts battle lock
  • Health, shields, turn meter and coolddowns persist across battles;
  • Buffs and debuffs do not carry over battles [1]
  • Enemy health, shields, and turn meter persists if a battle is lost. This means that when returning to a lost fight with a fresh team it won't have turn meter advantage over the enemy[2];
  • Revives reset between battles [3]
  • Leader abilities that are applied at the start of the battle are re-applied at the start of every battle (examples: Green Lantern HJ shields are accumulated and Aquaman's crit immunity is applied on every battle);
  • Player can pick which battle to fight. Once a battle is started it has to be won in order to move to another one [2];
  • If a battle is interrupted, e.g. game crash, it will result in an "abandoned" battle which will knock out the entire team [2];
  • Enemy team power depends on player's top characters power [4];
  • The matchups change after every battle (because of this it's recommended to start with easier fights).
R.E.D. Alerts Abandoned Battle popup

Characters behaviours[edit]

  • Green Lantern John Stewart Portrait.png Green Lantern JS
    • Passive ability triggers at the beginning of every match if he starts below 50% health

R.E.D. Alerts Rewards[edit]

Rewards Breakdown[edit]

R.E.D. Alerts rewards on 1st day
Threat Enemy Difficulty Essence.png Essence Essence Gems Hero Fragments
1 Moderate 1000
2 2000
3 15
3 3
5 Serious 2500
6 3000
7 25
8 7
9 Severe 5500
10 6000
11 40
12 15
TOTAL 20000 80 25

Note: the hero fragments are for 3 different heroes.

Reward Characters[edit]

Character Threat 4 Threat 8 Threat 12
Cyborg Vic Stone Portrait.png Cyborg: Vic Stone 3 shards 7 shards
Hawkgirl Champion of Thanagar Portrait.png Hawkgirl: Champion of Thanagar 3 shards 7 shards
Chemo The Deathless Doom Portrait.png Chemo: The Deathless Doom 3 shards 7 shards
Solomon Grundyn Born On A Monday Portrait.png Solomon Grundy: Born On A Monday 3 shards 7 shards 15 shards
Star Sapphire Carol Ferris Portrait.png Star Sapphire: Carol Ferris 3 shards 7 shards 15 shards
Wonder Woman Princess of Themyscira Portrait.png Wonder Woman: Princess of Themyscira 3 shards 7 shards 15 shards
Supergirl Last Daughter of Krypton Portrait.png Supergirl: Last Daughter of Krypton 7 shards 15 shards
Deadshot Hired Gun Portrait.png Deadshot: Hired Gun 7 shards 15 shards
Arkkis Chummuck Green Lantern of Sector 3014 Portrait.png Arkkis Chummuck 7 shards 15 shards
Harley Quinn Quite Vexing Portrait.png Harley Quinn: Quite Vexing 7 shards 15 shards
Bizarro No 1 Portrait.png Bizarro: No. 1 15 shards
Jessica Cruz Green Lantern Codefender of Earth Portrait.png Jessica Cruz 15 shards


Collection of guides and tips.

In-game tutorial[edit]

Other tips[edit]

Popup with cooldown information
  • Long pressing on a character's icon brings up a popup with abilities cooldown information.

External guides and tips[edit]


R.E.D. Alerts were first revealed on podcast Episode 6 - Alert! Alert! Alert! on the 2017/04/22 and were announced at the official forum on 2017/04/22.

R.E.D. Alerts became available on 2017/05/26 (GMT).


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