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New Articles[edit]

May Review: Crisis on New Earth

Humour me and allow me to use a slightly metaphorical and hyperbolical approach to this review. I'll also be doing a bit of time travelling all the way back to December before getting to May. It's only fitting since I never wrote anything about December and we got Reverse Flash in May. Worry not,. . . more
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April Review

It's May already so it's time to look back and talk about April. This month's events provided me enough hero fragments for: Doomsday R5 Killer Frost Killer Frost R5 Katana R5 Poison Ivy L4 Deadshot SSH R3 I consider this pretty good. Month over month these events provide great. . . more
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March Review

March was the Mystical month many of us were yearning for. Not only we got 3 new mystical characters one of them was Aquaman! That by itself makes it a very positive month. And Siren, the event's hero, seems to stand on her own rather well. All in all, great additions to the game. Month after month. . . more
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February Review

February has ended and it was another enjoyable month playing DC Legends. I appreciated the Batman WGD fragments given as login rewards plus Batman's PVP tournament, both helped me upgrading him to L1 just 2h before Robin's event first day ended! The extra WGD fragments took away the pressure of. . . more
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January review and some constructive suggestions

Originally posted on January is ending and looking back I have to say it was a pretty good month, I really enjoyed playing DC Legends! The new characters, the 7 days Hero Challenges using. . . more
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Robin - Insight and Discussion (ft. DC Legends wiki)

This weekend I was given the opportunity to collaborate with DoomBawkz on Robin: Damian Wayne 's guide and below you can read the result. The original article can be found at Did you. . . more
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New Ability Type badges

Just to let you know we've added new badges to Ability_Types, here's the list: Damage - Perhaps the simplest one, a character deals direct damage to one or all opponents. Variants: Light Damage; Heavy Damage; Healing; Light Heal; Heavy Heal; Buff; Debuff; Special Damage Light Special. . . more
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DC Legends Wiki Update

A week has passed since releasing the wiki and I'd like to share the progress made since then. In no particular order: Stub hunting A lot of stubs have been nuked and given place to proper pages. This mostly happened within. . . more
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