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Sign-in Rewards or Login Bonuses are rewards given daily for logging DC Legends. If the player does not login everyday for a given month s/he won't collect all rewards and the remaining uncollected rewards do not transition to next month.

Each month rewards feature a newly added character for which it's possible to collect up to 100 Hero Fragments. Since January the sign-in rewards character features in two 7 days Hero Challenge where it's possible to collect up to 500 Hero Fragments on each.


July Rewards[edit]

  • Main Character: Blue Beetle: Jaime Reyes

June Rewards[edit]

June Sign-in Rewards featuring Wonder Women DoJ


  1. Logging on between Jun 2nd - 5th grants 50 special bonus fragments [1].

May Rewards[edit]

May Sign-in Rewards featuring Captain Cold

April Rewards[edit]

April Sign-in Rewards featuring Poison Ivy

March Rewards[edit]

March Sign-in Rewards featuring Siren

February Rewards[edit]

February Sign-in Rewards featuring Robin

January Rewards[edit]

January Sign-in Rewards featuring Arkkis


December Rewards[edit]

December Sign-in Rewards featuring Supergirl

November Rewards[edit]

November Sign-in Rewards featuring Harley Quinn

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