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Silence Badge

Silence is a Debuff.png Debuff that prevents the debuffed character from using any other ability besides the first/primary one. Contrary to Enrage.png Enrage the character will still be able to choose a target.

Abilities that apply Silence[edit]

Ally Ability
Batman Caped Crusader Portrait.jpg Batman Physical badge.png
Caped Crusader
Batman Caped Crusader P1 Vigilante Strike.png Vigilante Strike (rank: 1)
Damage to an enemy 50% chance to Silence [1 turn] if Batman is Invisible: Silence.png SilenceSpeed Up.png Turn Meter Up

Black Canary Dinah Laurel Lance Portrait.jpg Black Canary Physical badge.png
Dinah Laurel Lance
Black Canary Dinah Laurel Lance P2 Haymaker.png Haymaker (rank: 1)
Damage to an enemy apply 2 Strength Downs [2 turns]: Strength Down.png Strength DownSilence.png Silence

Chemo The Deathless Doom Portrait.jpg Chemo Energy badge.png
The Deathless Doom
Chemo The Deathless Doom P1 Chem Trail.png Chem Trail (rank: 1)
Damage to an enemy, gain 1 Mend [3 turns] if target is Bleeding: Mend.png MendSilence.png Silence

Deathstroke The Terminator Portrait.jpg Deathstroke Physical badge.png
The Terminator
Deathstroke The Terminator P2 Crippling Blow.png Crippling Blow (rank: 1)
Light Damage to an enemy, 60% chance to Silence [1 turn]: Silence.png Silence

Harley Quinn Quite Vexing Portrait.jpg Harley Quinn Physical badge.png
Quite Vexing
Harley Quinn Quite Vexing P1 Weapon of Choice.png Weapon of Choice (rank: 1)
Damage to an enemy, gain 1 Crit Chance Up [3 turns]: Crit Chance Up.png Crit Chance UpSilence.png Silence

Lex Luthor Survival Support Suit Portrait.jpg Lex Luthor Energy badge.png
Survival Support Suit
Lex Luthor Survival Support Suit P3 Metahuman Deterrent.png Metahuman Deterrent (rank: 2)
Special Damage and -40% Turn Meter to an enemy: Speed Down.png Turn Meter DownSilence.png Silence

Raven Daughter of Demons Portrait.jpg Raven Mystical badge.png
Daughter of Demons
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The Raven's Claws (rank: 4)
Passive Ability: 15% chance to deal Special Damage to enemies that damage Raven: Silence.png Silence

Robin Damian Wayne Portrait.jpg Robin Physical badge.png
Damian Wayne
Robin Damian Wayne P3 Niten IchiRyu.png Niten Ichi-Ryu (rank: 2)
Damage to an enemy, apply 4 Bleeds [3 turns] if Robin is Invisible: Bleed.png BleedSilence.png Silence

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