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ve Story Campaign

OA Manhunter Foundry Ruins.jpg
Ch. 1 Oa

OA Memorial Hall Background.jpg
Ch. 2 Oa

Themyscira Chair.jpg
Ch. 3 Themyscira

Themyscira Temple of Athena.jpg
Ch. 4 Themyscira

Thanagar High Reaches.jpg
Ch. 5 Thanagar

Thanagar Nth Metal Mine.jpg
Ch. 6 Thanagar

Qward Wastelands.jpg
Ch. 7 Qward

Qward Weaponers Forge.jpg
Ch. 8 Qward

Story Campaign is a PvE (Player vs. Environment) game mode where the Player plays predefined battles against the AI. In Story Campaign the battles are organised in chapters, completing a chapter unlocks the following the chapter. The same applies to battles (also called nodes), completing a battles unlocks the following one.

Each chapter has 2 difficulties: Normal and Heroic. In order to access Heroic difficulty the player must first complete the chapter in Normal difficulty. Heroic chapter include Hero Fragments as rewards.

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