Stun Immunity

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Stun Immunity badge

Stun Immunity is a Buff.png Buff that prevents the buffed character from being stunned (see Stun.png Stun).

Abilities that apply Stun Immunity[edit]

Ally Ability
Bane Venom Addict Portrait.png Bane Physical badge.png
Venom Addict
Bane Venom Addict P2 Venom Injection.png Venom Injection (rank: 1)
Gain 2 Mends, Light Heal to Bane: Mend.png MendStrength Up.png Strength UpStun Immunity.png Stun ImmunityCrit Immunity.png Crit Immunity

Hippolyta Queen of the Amazons Portrait.png Hippolyta Mystical badge.png
Queen of the Amazons
Hippolyta Queen of the Amazons P3 Draw Swords.png Draw Swords (rank: 2)
Apply 4 Strength Ups [2 turns] and +25% Turn Meter to all allies Cooldown +3 on Shields Up: Strength Up.png Strength UpSpeed Up.png Turn Meter UpStun Immunity.png Stun Immunity

Silver Banshee Portrait.png Silver Banshee Mystical badge.png
Wailing Wretch
Silver Banshee P5.png Ghastly Spirit (rank: 1)
40% Chance to gain Invisibility and 2 Int Up when an enemy takes Bleed Damage.: Invisibility.png InvisibilityIntelligence Up.png Intelligence UpStun Immunity.png Stun ImmunitySilence Immunity.png Silence ImmunityCrit Immunity.png Crit Immunity

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