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Every ability has a type of target which the player chooses upon triggering the ability (unless the character has been debuffed with Enrage.png Enrage). If the ability is a beneficial one the available targets are allies and if the ability is a disadvantageous one the targets are enemies.

List of target types[edit]

In DC Legends the abilities have the following type of targets:

Target Ability Example
Flash Fastest Man Alive P2 Red Streak.png Red Streak (rank: 2)
Gain 2 Speed Ups (Always), 100% chance to purge 2 debuffs from Flash.: Speed Up.png Speed UpDebuff Immunity.png Debuff Immunity

An Ally
Green Lantern John Stewart P2 Solid Construct.png Solid Construct (rank: 1)
Apply 40% Shield and 3 Empowered Strength Up (2T) to an ally.: Shield.png ShieldAffinity Power Up.png Affinity Up

All Allies
Doctor Fate Sorcerer of Nabu P2 Blessing of Nabu.png Nabu's Protection (rank: 1)
Apply 30% Shield to all allies: Shield.png ShieldHit Chance Up.png Hit Chance UpIntelligence Up.png Intelligence Up

An Enemy
Bane Venom Addict P3 Backbreaker.png Backbreaker (rank: 2)
Heavy Damage to an enemy. 100% chance to Stun target if Bane is mending: Stun.png Stun

All Enemies
Black Canary Dinah Laurel Lance P3 Canary Cry.png Canary Cry (rank: 2)
Light Damage and apply 1 Hit Chance Down [2 turns] to all enemies: Hit Chance Down.png Hit Chance DownSpeed Down.png Turn Meter Down

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