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True Heal is a type of ability. Abilities that deal True Heal indicate a percentage of True Heal that will be applied to the target, ignoring any type of healing reduction debuffs.


Zatanna's Stacked Deck @ Legendary level

rank: 1
Stacked Deck

Icon Quick Info Effects Official Description
Zatanna Mistress of Magic P2 Stacked Deck.png Target All Allies
Heavy Heal to all allies
Type Heavy Heal.png Heavy Heal
Cooldown 2
Level Name Description
1 Stacked Deck Heavy Heal to all allies
2 Enhanced Stacked Deck I Heal +5%
3 Enhanced Stacked Deck II Heal +15%
4 Enhanced Stacked Deck II Heavy Heal and purge 1 debuff from all allies
5 Enhanced Stacked Deck IV Heal +5%
6 Enhanced Stacked Deck V Heal +5%
7 Enhanced Stacked Deck VI Heal +5%
8 Enhanced Stacked Deck VII Heal +10%
9 Enhanced Stacked Deck VIII Heavy Heal and purge 2 debuffs from all allies
Legendary Even the Odds 15% True Heal to all allies

Allies that deal True Heal[edit]

Ally Ability
Black Lightning Portrait.png Black Lightning Energy badge.png
Protector of Suicide Slums
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Energy Aura (rank: max)
At the beginning of a teammate's turn, apply 25% True Heal if the teammate's HP is below 50%: True Heal

Katana Samurai Warrior Portrait.png Katana Mystical badge.png
Samurai Warrior
Katana Samurai Warrior P2 Commune With The Fallen.png Commune With The Fallen (rank: 1)
Gain 4 Critical Chance Up. Gain 1 Evasion Up for each dead enemy. If there are no dead enemies, gain Crit Immunity. Purge 6 Debuffs from Katana.: Evasion Up.png Evasion UpCrit Chance Up.png Crit Chance UpTemplate:Purge DebuffsHealCrit Immunity.png Crit Immunity

Killer Croc Portrait.png Killer Croc Physical badge.png
King of the Sewers
Killer Croc P5.png Lurking In The Depths (rank: 1)
When Killer Croc takes damage, apply Taunt to attacker and gain 20% Turn Meter Up.: Speed Up.png Turn Meter UpTrue HealTaunt.png Taunt

Killer Frost Dr Caitlin Snow Portrait.png Killer Frost Energy badge.png
Dr. Caitlin Snow
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Heat Absorption (rank: 4)
Passive Ability: Killer Frost heals for 10% max health when an enemy is Stunned: Intelligence Up.png Intelligence Up

Livewire Shock Jock Portrait.png Livewire Energy badge.png
Shock Jock
Livewire Shock Jock P2 Quick Charge.png Quick Charge (rank: 1)
Gain between 4-7 Intelligence Ups. Gain 15% True Heal.: Intelligence Up.png Intelligence Up

Ravager Portrait.PNG Ravager Physical badge.png
Rose Wilson
Ravager Rose Wilson Death Barrage.jpg Death Barrage (rank: 1)
Apply 2 light damage bursts to an enemy. 50% chance to do a 3rd damage burst.: True Heal

STRIPE1.png S.T.R.I.P.E. Physical badge.png
Pat Dugan
Stripe P2.PNG Repair Routine Activation (rank: 2)
Heavy Damage to an enemy and gain 30% True Heal.: Debuff.png Call Assist

STRIPE1.png S.T.R.I.P.E. Physical badge.png
Pat Dugan
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Tactical Advantage (rank: 4)
50% Chance to use Repair Routine Activation and gain Damage Immunity each time an enemy dies.: Debuff.png Call AssistStrength Up.png Strength UpDamage Immunity.png Damage Immunity

Spectre2.png Spectre Mystical badge.png
Spirit of Vengeance
Firestorm The Nuclear Man P5 Shared Knowledge.png Soul Conversion (rank: 4)
Passive Ability: When an enemy dies, 60% Chance for Spectre to gain 6 Intelligence Up.: Intelligence Up.png Intelligence Up

Wally West Portrait.png Wally West Energy badge.png
The Flash
Wally West P5.PNG Outrun Death (rank: max)
60% chance to get a 30% True Heal the first time Wally reaches 0 HP: True Heal

Zatanna Mistress of Magic Portrait.png Zatanna Mystical badge.png
Mistress of Magic
Zatanna Mistress of Magic P2 Stacked Deck.png Stacked Deck (rank: 1)
Heavy Heal to all allies

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