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Void Scanner seen from the Watchtower

Void Scanner allows the player to "scan the Void" for rewards. It allows for one free scan every 24h with any additional scans costing 250 Essence Gems. The Void Scanner is accessible from the Watchtower and was introduced on 2017/04/06 with the v1.11 update.


Void Scanner Screenshot

Rewards change daily and can be gems, energy, hero fragments, Meta XP, Power Battery Charges, Power Rings, Lvl3 Gear materials. Starting from the top, and going clockwise:

  1. Hero Fragments
  2. Essence.png Essence
  3. Energy Material Badge.png Energy / Arena Energy
  4. Hope / Rage Energy
  5. Essence Gems
  6. Energy Gear Material
  7. Life / Death Energy
  8. Physical Gear Material
  9. Power Battery Charge
  10. Meta-Agent XP Lvl3-5
  11. Mystical Gear Material
  12. Willpower Energy.png Willpower Energy


Material Quantity Notes
Lvl 59-70 Lvl 22 Lvl 1-17
Hero Fragments 20 Everyday a different character, covering common to rare, exclusive and premium characters
Essence.png Essence 150 000 10 000 5 000 Permanent
Energy Material Badge.png Energy 50 20 15 Alternates every other day with Arena Energy
Arena Energy 2 Alternates every other day with Energy
Hope Energy 3 2 2 Alternates every other day with Rage Energy
Rage Energy 3 2 2 Alternates every other day with Hope Energy
Essence Gems 300 Permanent
Energy Gear Material Lvl3 3 Lvl2 3 Lvl1 3 Everyday a different Energy Gear Material
Life Energy 1 Alternates every other day with Death Energy
Death Energy 1 Alternates every other day with Life Energy
Physical Gear Material Lvl3 3 Lvl2 3 Lvl1 3 Everyday a different Physical Gear Material
Power Battery Charge 1 Permanent
Meta-Agent XP Lvl3-5 5 4 3 Everyday a different Meta-Agent XP, covering different affinities and levels
Mystical Gear Material Lvl3 3 Lvl2 3 Lvl1 3 Everyday a different Mystical Gear Material
Willpower Energy.png Willpower Energy 5 4 3 Permanent

Chance Distribution[edit]

The following values are based on a small sample size, 119 pulls over 100 days and so should not be considered definitive. You can check the complete day-by-day pull data (including each day's featured character) at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lwMLlL3XvRa3HIvs_DOugNJCzljZvrfavr_wJUVtZfU/edit?usp=sharing.

Scanner Slot Drops Average
Hero Fragments 5 4.2%
Essence 17 14.3%
Energy / Arena Energy 13 10.9%
Hope / Rage Energy 10 8.4%
Essence Gems 4 3.4%
Energy Gear Material 9 7.6%
Life / Death Energy 4 3.4%
Physical Gear Material 9 7.6%
Power Battery Charge 11 9.2%
Meta-Agent XP Lvl3-5 8 6.7%
Mystical Gear Material 15 12.6%
Willpower Energy 14 11.8%
TOTAL 119 100.0%

Reddit Discussion: https://www.reddit.com/r/DCComicsLegendsGame/comments/6ncaj2/100_days_of_void_scanner/

Power Battery Charge[edit]

One of the permanent rewards available is the Power Battery Charge or simply Power Charge. Each Power Charge allows recharging Hal's ring for another void scan. Power Charges can also be accumulated allowing players to use them strategically, for example, when an exclusive character is the reward.

Official description[edit]

Hal Jordan can use his ring to scan the void for resources.

Hal's ring will take a day to recharge.

You can Recharge the ring instantly with Power Charges or Essence Gems.

Void Scanner Video Preview[edit]

Video of Hatemael searching the void:

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